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An Independent look at Fleckvieh in the UK

 Mike Trimm,  Dorset

I was one of the first trying the unique breed which povides me high profitability thanks to its outstanding genetic features: milk and beef in ONE animals, produced by low-imput feeding. I started with Original UK Simmentals and crossed them with Holstein. These products worked perfectly for  me in the F1 generation. To  be able to maintain my production level I crossed those F1 with Fleckvieh with outstanding results. Also using Fleckvieh on other breeds like MRIJ and other dairy breeds brought me the desired result. This is why I continue to use this breed and hope having soon my pure Fleckvieh herd. For me the income from male offspring is also an important ecnomic factor. I used a lot of the Bayern Genetik Top bull „waldbrand“ where I have already the first cows on the field and I expect having a lot of him  in milk soon.The future doubtless will be Fleckvieh.