An Independent look at Fleckvieh in the UK

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About the Breed

Alpine Cattle Breed (imports  of  yellow-spotted  cattle from the "Berner Oberland“ = Simmental in Switzerland) were crossbred with local dual purpose cattle in Southern Germany/Austria begin of the 19th century.

Initially bred for draught, beef and milk, today  Fleckvieh is bred for highly  efficient milk & beef production and by-products. This only "All in One“ breed worldwide is highly adaptable to different climate conditions.

Fleckvieh Club uk


Who are we


Formed in 2015 , we are here to bring all of the current and Future Fleckvieh farmers in the UK together and hoping to spread the word of this wonderful breed and bring Health and Profit to UK farms. The Aims of the club are:

  • Spreading the Word of this wonderful breed
  • To Bring together the current and future UK breeders
  • Find and Breed the Healthiest and most efficient genetics available
  • To work with Farmers to Find out what they want from the Breed
  • Eventually to bring together the Breeding values to put onto one easily available platform