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Wednesday 1st February saw the first sale of Pedigree Fleckvieh at Borderway mart in Carlisle. This sale was a fantastic showing of quality with all being sold within the top 1% of the breed.

UK Sires Direct Purchase highest Fleckvieh Bull to leave Austria

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Hi all, Thank you for the continued support of Fleckvieh UK, until late I haven't been able to commit to it as much as I should have so apologies for not swiftly replying to your emails. We are now back up and running I will  be replying to all of your responses Asap! 

In other news the Newsletter will soon be up and running, if any of you have anything that you would like to put forward for the newsletter or have any stock for sale please contact me! 

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 UK breeders club formed in 2015 for the Fleckvieh cattle breed We are here to bring all of the current and future Fleckvieh farmers in the UK together and hoping to spread the word of this wonderful breed with the hope of bringing Health and Profit to UK farms. The Aims of the club are:
-Spreading the Word of this wonderful breed
-To Bring together the current UK breeders
- Breed and source the Healthiest and most efficient genetics available
-To work with Farmers to Find out what they want from the Breed and to work with the breeding stations in Germany to help deliver

Fleckvieh UK



For those non-believers we have made up a little booklet explaining why Fleckvieh is for you feel free to share it around to all your Holstein buddies, Click here to download the PDF

Fleckvieh and why its the breed for you!